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Why Responsive Website (Mobile Friendly Website) is Important

1. Everyone has a Smartphone- Mobile is turning into one of the most important platforms for customer engagement. If you’re a business in the UAE, you need to be thinking responsive because everyone is on mobile.
2. It’s future-proof- The future is moving towards cross-device browsing through stationary, mobile and wearable devices. Responsive design will help your website adapt to different screens and still look amazing.
3. Get more traffic- Optimising your website with responsive design for mobile is a cost-effective way to tap into an abundant source of traffic.
4. Mobile users buy more- Studies by Adobe show that while desktop and laptop users shell out more for purchase, mobile users spend more on purchases across devices. That’s because mobile users are conditioned to make frequent purchases on the go. This behaviour provides more lucrative opportunities for businesses, but only if they have a responsive Website.
5. It’s SEO-Friendly- Responsive design increases SEO value. If you are serious about your SEO, you need to invest in responsive design.
6. Rule local search- There is one arena where small local businesses can compete with and even beat their multi-national counterparts: local search. The UAE’s top position in Smartphone usage has vast opportunities for local companies and SMEs, which make up 94% of the country’s businesses. For local brands, responsive websites make it possible to attract more customers using mobile ads, local SERP results or location-based services.
7. Increase social media referrals- If your business uses social media, the chances are that a decent share of your visitors comes from mobile. Your mobile visitors expect a smooth, seamless browsing experience across all their devices. An unresponsive design is a sure way to waste all those marketing efforts.
8. Beat the competition- Implementing responsive design is a simple and powerful way to differentiate your brand and gain an edge over your competition.
9. Enjoy cost-efficient advertising- Mobile advertising is still an under-utilised opportunity, but this won’t last long. Now is the time to utilise mobile ad spending and this is possible with a responsive website.

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News Release: Why Responsive Website (Mobile Friendly Website) is Important
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