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TSSC Group Excels in Designing Quality Pre-manufactured Homes

September 11, 2019-With years of experience in the industry, TSSC Group specializes in designing and manufacturing pre-manufactured homes for site office and accommodation camps. Extensively used for labor accommodations, office units, kitchen and dining facilities, these homes boast open spaces and maximize natural light in your home.

With the best interest of the customers in mind, TSSC Group offers homes with a variety of finishes and insulation materials to create comfortable and safe environments that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Today, a pre-manufactured home can mean a modular home, a manufactured home, a mobile home, or a site-building home. The term is used interchangeably and is widely used to refer to any home which is built before being ordered by a customer.

Since 1975, TSSC Group has been designing pre-manufactured homes, using high-quality yet less expensive materials to ensure the houses are built with proper care and precision.

The professionals at TSSC Group are highly efficient and courteous, offering proper solutions which shall improve the functionality of your home. Since the construction is done off-site, a great deal of time and money can be saved.

The overall construction requires intense planning and preparation. The best result can be achieved with the experts at TSSC Group who take pride in making zero mistakes while building your pre-manufactured homes.

The building process goes through several steps, and on an average, it takes 4 to 12 weeks for a project to complete. The entire building process includes a good number of phases, including visuals, designing, effective communication, and more.

While designing the houses, trustworthy engineers keep the right space for plumbing, electricity connections, and other facilities. As a premier experts, they pay attention to quality, superior detailing, and related aspects to ensure that the production phase goes smoothly. Building with Pre-manufactured components will be faster, and it will require less workforce on-site.

Other areas of expertise include steel structures and wall systems, aluminum & glazing, truck bodies & semi-trailers, easy wall lightweight wall panels, and standing seam roof.

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News Release: TSSC Group Excels in Designing Quality Pre-manufactured Homes
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