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Retired BSF Personnel- Free Ration Distribution to Indigent People

Ekma, Chapra, Bihar: During this pandemic, you must have seen that our all defense & paramilitary forces are moving ahead and serving people by spreading awareness about corona virus and distributing free rations. The paramilitary forces retired people are also coming forward, a retired BSF personnel resident of Kateyan village is doing something similar. Whatever he saved from BSF pension, is putting it in a noble cause and is serving the people.
Lakshman Singh, who superannuated from BSF, is in the news these days due to his commendable work. He is becoming the voice of the public and coming forward to solve the problems of the people, whether it is to help the migrant Biharis or provide any information to people. Nowadays, since the time the lockdown has been started, he has done multiple campaign to aware people about corona virus precaution and prevention among people. Whoever is reaching out to him via any social media channels for any kind of help, his IT team is helping people by providing right direction and information on real-time.
Nowadays, he is busy in distributing free ration to the poor, helpless and unemployed people so that their families do not face any kind of problem during this lock downed. Yesterday, he distributed free ration materials to the poor and unemployed families of Kateyan village. After serving the country, he is now fully engaged in public social service and does not want to leave any shortfall in it. His main agenda is to provide help to people residing within 15-kilometer radius of Ekma, feed all needy and helpless people and provide any type of health-related help to the people. He said, "How can I sleep peacefully if any family in our area is hungry and struggling to get one-time food in a day?" He also requested people to come forward and help penurious people during this pandemic situation of corona virus.
Today, he is distributing ration to the needy and helpless people of kateyan Village under Lahladpur area, Saran, Bihar, In ...

News Release: Retired BSF Personnel- Free Ration Distribution to Indigent People
Submitted on: May 17, 2020 05:16:42 PM
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