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PODS® Las Vegas Helps Prepare Homes for the Influx of Holiday Decorations with 6 Smart Storage Tips

(Las Vegas) Nov. 20, 2020 –As more Americans plan to spend more U.S. dollars on decorations for the holiday season in 2020 according, many people will need more storage to not only make room before but also after the giving season. If your household storage is limited, PODS® Las Vegas can help in any situation. PODS containers can securely store extra decorations, furniture and keepsakes on or off-site at a PODS storage facility.

PODS Las Vegas offers useful storage tips to help store extra household items to prepare for the holidays:

• If you need extra storage this season, PODS has the answer. Use PODS containers to store furniture, boxes and extra decorations to make room for extra decorations this year. Either keep the PODS container on-site for storage, or have PODS move and store the PODS container in a temperature-controlled storage center.
• Utilize bubble wrap. For those delicate pieces, use bubble wrap as a layering tool to ensure fragile pieces don’t move.
• Vacuum-storage bags are lifesavers. Preserve those precious cloths from moisture, mold, and dust by storing them in vacuum storage bags.
When it’s time to put the holiday decorations away, PODS Las Vegas offers tips to store those hard to tame decorations:

• Save the headache and wrap lights before storing. To prevent lights from getting tangled in storage, grab a piece of cardboard and wrap the string of lights around it. Remember to tape the ends of the light strings to keep them secure. Use PODS moving & storage boxes to keep lights safely stored after the holidays.
• Tame the artificial tree with shrink-wrap. Use shrink-wrap to cinch up your tree to make it easier to move and store.
• Ornaments and egg cartons? Store ornaments in egg cartons that can be easily stacked in PODS moving & storage boxes.
“Celebrating the holidays this year looks a bit different but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any less stress and we want to help relieve some of it,” says Dave Allen Boyd IV, Territory Manager for PODS® Las Vegas. “A PODS container is very convenient because it allows for your belongings to safely be packed inside which can either be onsite or at our PODS storage facility ...

News Release: PODS® Las Vegas Helps Prepare Homes for the Influx of Holiday Decorations with 6 Smart Storage Tips
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