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How a grad student’s personal life problem led to 550+ cities expanding business

You might be reading the title and thinking ‘Boy how did some guy get pushed so hard to become so productive?’. Well, the man did get pushed by his girl to get his life together which ultimately led him to find a solution to a real problem. But what did he do to face the brunt that made him build such a successful company?

He forgot her birthday!

Let’s be honest here guys I know no man can be alive and breathing peacefully if he forgot those important dates in a relationship. Things like remembering birthdays, anniversaries, the day their dog Melly gave birth to 100 dalmatians are one of the few crucial things you have to remember and not just that but also do something special.

This man is one of those guys who faced that near-death experience of forgetting his girl’s birthday. But why would he do such a thing that would put him through such trouble?


MBA is a harsh mistress. She provides you some of the best experiences and great opportunities to explore your inner talents with few consequences. But you must burn the midnight oil, lose sleep in order to get what you want. This man was an MBA grad spending more time with his professional life that he couldn’t see the personal side of his story is going away.

Who is the man and why the suspense?

The name of this brave man is Praveen Singh Rajput. Mr. Praveen was one of the hard-working students in his college in Bangalore and did not let the incredible nightlife of that beautiful city distract him.

His life was overruled by a strict studies-oriented regime that would eventually help him land a job in a prestigious banking institute after his graduation. But this military-like regime is really taking a toll on his personal life.

He wanted to make it up to his girl by gifting her something that would say out loud ‘I love you and you matter to me more than anything’. But googling the perfect gift turned out to be a tedious job. Finding the perfect gift (like chocolates, roses, and a card that goes with the occasion) seemed to be a challenge. On top of all that, delivering it on time to the right address is another task that seemed to be unachievable.

Forgetting important dates didn’t just end with his girl, but all his mother, his close friends, and relatives. On discussing with his colleagues, many seemed to face the same issue. Getting a grasp on the personal life while having a hectic professional life seemed close to impossible. Using this as an excuse to not be with someone when they really need you just seem silly.

The solution

Praveen decided, he will fix this issue. He ensured no one would ever forget birthdays or any important dates for the matter just because of their hectic professional schedule. He built a smart-tech platform that offers a plethora of gifting options ranging from scrumptious cakes, handicrafts to personalized gifts that suits any occasion. You might ask me, ‘What’s so special, we already have numerous platforms like ferns n’ petals who already provide this service?’. But we do provide you something special.

Something Special

We bring Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning oriented annual subscription-based one-stop-gifting E-commerce model. All the user has to do while making a purchase through the website or app is to select an annual recurring package depending on their budget and enter the information pertaining to the person they are buying a gift for, in terms of age, gender, interests, profession, personality, occasion, the need of the recipient and their relationship. That's it now the user can sit back and relax. The system powered by AI and ML will select the gift based on the user's input and automatically deliver it on the date of the occasion.
Most importantly, it does not give you a single chance of forgetting any important occasions because of its reminders. It reminds you in advance if any significant occasion is nearing. Based on that you can purchase your gifts and ensure it reaches on time to your loved ones.
But what is the name of this company that offers such smart services and can possibly save me from creating a dent in my personal life?

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News Release: How a grad student’s personal life problem led to 550+ cities expanding business
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