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Help Us Provide Child Education To Vulnerable Children

Poverty is associated with insufficient resources to meet basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. However, poverty far outweighs the lack of money. In addition to lack of money, poverty is also associated with an inability to participate in recreational activities. The failure to send children on a day trip to school or a birthday with classmates; I can't buy medicine for a disease. It's all about being poor. Those who can barely afford food and shelter cannot think of these other costs. When people are excluded from society, have inadequate education, and have higher illness rates, this has negative consequences for society. We all pay the price of poverty. Rising costs of health care, justice, and other systems that support those living in poverty affect our economy.

Amitofo Care Center International ( is one of the best ngo for child education. We offer direct assistance to at-risk groups. We focus on long-term strategies to ensure these children have the tools and skills they need for themselves and their families in the future.

In addition to basic needs such as food, water, health, and shelter, the Amitofo Care Center aims to provide Vulnerable children boarding school and childhood that can help them grow, improve their skills and develop their talents and abilities. Our school offers a combination of local curriculum and physical education classes and English and Mandarin courses to prepare them for international players in this globalized world. We want sustainable development goals for Africa so that children have a better future. One of the most significant problems that children face due to the tragedy of war and oppression is that they may fall into poverty. The Amitofo CareCenter is working hard to break this cycle of vulnerable children in many African countries.

We are the best non-governmental organization for children's education. We continuously strive to renovate and improve our facilities daily to provide inclusive education that has a tangible impact on the future of these children. Our program for children is directly linked to the first six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Amitofo Care Centeris dependent on donations from private donors worldwide. We work with local communities and relevant departments and rely on donated land to build and manage our international aid campuses.

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News Release: Help Us Provide Child Education To Vulnerable Children
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