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French Fashion Designer in Paris

My name is Eddine Belmahdi, french fashion designer based in Paris. I am French Italian and Algerian mixed. I was finalist of Fashik Star Arabia in Dubaï.

Brand history : « Eddine created her brand after the death of his grandmother.

He describes his relationship with her as close-knit, and full of love. » It was to honor her grandmother's legacy that Eddine Belmahdi took the initiative to create his brand. This is how a deep cultural research invaded him, which gave him the great desire to create his brand, but even more, to disclose an important and intimate heritage through creations that wanted to be delicate and graceful to be worn by all.

"For me, an inheritance is much more than a duty to remember ... Because the heritage is not passed on only to the people of the country concerned; but to the people of the whole world. ":Universe.

Embroidery, velvet, romantic, feminine, structured, oppulent, refined pieces, extra femininity, manual work, heritage, know-how »

My actuality: I made the wedding dress of @thedollbeauty, an Algerian Karakou inspired dress.

For the first time my design was worn in the Cannes festival by a French Actresse named : Chamaïl Kahaloun for the movie « La Fracture » by the realisator Catherine Corsini.

I am compared to Yves Saint Laurent, people call me the new Yves saint Laurent who was a famous french designer born in Algeria and inspired by the Algerian clothing.

Eddine Belmahdi, in the footsteps of Yves Saint Lau ...

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