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DataNumen Zip Repair 3.7 has been released!

DataNumen ZIP Repair 3.7: Restore as Much Archived Data as Possible

NEW YORK and HONG KONG, November 26th, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- DataNumen company, the manufacturer of professional data recovery software, has announced the release of a new version of DataNumen ZIP Repair 3.7. It is a recovery tool that quickly repairs all types of corrupt ZIP archives and self-extracting files (SFX). The new version 3.7 supports Windows 11.

ZIP is one of the most widely used compression formats. It allows to conveniently send and back up large files or groups of files and therefore has become the de-facto standard for data compression. However, ZIP archives often get corrupt or damaged due to various issues, such as power failures, unstable Internet connection, malware attacks, or bad drive sectors. That is why companies and individuals who use ZIP files for their work, business, or personal matters should obtain an efficient ZIP recovery program like DataNumen ZIP Repair.

DataNumen ZIP Repair is a professional-level program based on DataNumen proprietary technology. It scans inaccessible ZIP files byte by byte, restoring data that would otherwise be lost. The comparative tests have demonstrated that DataNumen ZIP Repair boasts the highest average recovery rate in the market (84.98%). When it comes to critical business data or valuable personal information, it is obvious that the most efficient recovery tool must be used.

DataNumen ZIP Repair supports all subtypes of the ZIP format and all kinds of self-extracting files (SFX). Besides, it provides all the functions that may come in handy: it repairs spanned ZIP files, split archives, and encrypted archives. Besides, this program can successfully handle ZIP files and ZIP item files larger than 4 GB. In case that there are a lot of archives to recover, DataNumen ZIP Repair can perform batch recovery of ZIP files.

The interface of DataNumen ZIP Repair is uncluttered and intuitive. All the user needs to do is to specify a ZIP or SFX archive, name the directory for extracted files, and hit the “Start Repair” Button. The progress bar will indicate how much data is already processed. When a pop-up message appears, the user can access the restored data.

DataNumen ZIP Repair at a Glance:
- Restores all sub-types of ZIP archives and self-extracting files;
- Checks data integrity and fixes incorrect CRC values in the archive;
- Handles ZIP archives and ZIP item files larger than 4 GB;
- Repairs spanned, split, and encrypted ZIP archives;
- Recovers ZIP files on corrupted media;
- Supports batch recovery;
- Supports context menu integration (right-click recovery);
- Supports drag & drop operations and command line parameters.

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News Release: DataNumen Zip Repair 3.7 has been released!
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