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Corporate Safety Training in COVID-19: Returning to Your Workplace!

We are far from returning back to the life we knew before the pandemic. We are all experiencing rapid cultural and lifestyle transformation in our daily routines, from social interactions to our eating patterns.

Many of us are trying hard to establish ourselves to the new normal and returning to our workplace. To help employees, companies should focus on providing stellar corporate safety training programs to improve their employees’ mental and physical abilities as the battle with the coronavirus continues.

COVID-19 has plagued our workplace like nothing else. Now is the time where adaptability should be leading the chart. Safety training is one of the most important elements of comprehensive health and environmental safety.

Stephen W. May LLC offers training solutions designed to change the safety culture at the workplace, keeping in mind the importance of training and professional development in the workplace.

This blog emphasizes the importance of corporate safety training and how it can help employees during COVID-19.

The pandemic throws light on the importance of corporate training:

This current environment has paved the way for corporate training companies to introduce themselves. In order to have adaptable employees, companies need to focus on adaptability and being transparent about their safety measures.

Employees should be provided information on how you are trying hard to deliver training and comply with social distancing.

Employees should be equipped with a roadmap on how they can achieve these goals on their own terms.

Before social distancing, productivity and efficiency were the highest priority. Today, employee wellbeing is paramount.

Employee wellbeing should outrank productivity:

It's vital to educate employees working from home to work in isolation. They need to learn how to balance work while parenting and fulfilling household duties.

Employees should be introduced to different ways to work together when practicing social distancing. Companies need to bring in new tools to keep their employees motivated and engaged.

There's an urgent need to create strategies to address employees' wellbeing without being impulsive and violating their privacy.

We need to boost learning and development processes to reduce frustration and anxiety during such unprecedented conditions. At Stephen W. May, we believe that employees should be given proper training in enhancing their skills and promoting productivity and efficiency.

We are a reputable municipal and corporate safety training solution provider located in Amesbury, MA offering the following training solutions:

Weed in the Workplace

It is a 4-hour course to give supervisory and management personnel the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly, accurately, and fairly determine reasonable suspicion of cannabis use and impairment in the workplace. The primary focus is on the numerous forms of cannabis-related products and discrete methods of consumption.

Drugs in the Workplace

‘Drugs in the Workplace’ is an 8-hour course to give supervisory, management, and other key personnel the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly, accurately, and reasonably determine reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol use and impairment in the workplace.

Topics discussed include:

- Establishing a drug-free workplace and policy
- Drug problems in the workplace
- Drug categories
- Signs of impairment
- Medical conditions that are mistaken for impairment
- Reasonable suspicion

We assure you the time and cost to your organization will be a worthwhile investment.

About us:

Stephen W. May LLC is an innovative company offering a wide range of training solutions and resources to corporate, municipal, and law enforcement clients. We understand the value and importance of training and professional development in the workplace and strive hard to provide you unique training opportunities to secure the skill sets necessary for a safer and more productive working environment. Ask for a professional corporate safety training in Massachuse ...

News Release: Corporate Safety Training in COVID-19: Returning to Your Workplace!
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