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Ankur Srivastava DSATS Web & Mobile App Development

Ankur Srivastava DSATS Web & Mobile App Development
DSATS offers a range of product development services which include strategy, user experience, cloud architecture, web development & cross platform mobile app development for iOS, Android & PWA apps. Our 55+ strong engineering team includes AWS Certified Solution Architects & Google Cloud Partners.
Our Product Development Process
Discovery Phase:-In this phase we will have several calls with the client to understand their product, technology & end user expectations. Based on this exploration and further analysis from our engineering teams, we start working on product strategy, system architecture, wire frames and timelines that are in sync with our clients' expectations.
Engineering Phase:-
In this phase our User experience, strategy, and design team members work with developers to craft the prototype that will produce the web or mobile app required by the client. Whether it be mobile app development, web engineering, Industry 4.0, data science or other emerging technologies, our AWS certified team members are ready. We follow the Agile Development methodology and divide our projects into six-week sprints.
Launch Phase:-
In this phase we identify the post launch activities and workflows to ensure that the clients' technology assets are agile enough to support quick business changes and yet stable enough to allow scale of usage patterns. We take pride in supporting our clients for years throughout their entire technology lifecycles.
Technology & Strategy
Cutting down your costs and creating a technology framework that will allow you to scale your business operations.
Assessment of your business operational challenges.
Identification of your risk ratios.
Addressing issues related to cash flow and unlocking your balance sheet using technology.

Minimum Viable Product Development
Ensure the viability of your product with our MVP development services
Request early adopter feedback at less than 1/3rd of the cost & time required to develop a fully scaled software product
Get a prototype of your product to attract investor attention.

Web & Cloud Apps
Web portals & eCommerce stores
Content management software
Customized web applications
Order processing
Inventory management
Accounting solutions

User Experience Design
Responsive designs for a wide range of users
Designs that are consistent across different devices
Include wearable devices, such as the Apple Watch, to mobile devices, such as the iPhone, the high-resolution iMac 5k, ...

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