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Active@ ZDelete is now completely free

April 13, 2020: LSoft Technologies, an industry leader in disk utilities, is proud to announce the launch of Active@ ZDelete 9. The app is now completely free, and users no longer need to register even if they want to use erasure methods like the DoD-compliant 5220.22-M. This version also sports improve disk wiping procedures on certain file systems, as well as a myriad of other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Securely delete data easily

When you use the recycle bin to delete your files, you might think emptying it would permanently delete all the files and folders within. After all, you will receive a warning to that effect when you empty the recycle bin. However, the file contents will remain hidden on the drive until something else overwrites it. All that really changes is the entry referring to the file in the master file table - a database containing the entire folder structure of your storage device. But, until the original data is physically overwritten, you can recover it using data recovery software. That's great if you delete something accidentally, but not so good if you're selling or donating your computer and you don't want someone else accessing private information.

Active@ ZDelete makes it easier than ever to securely delete folders and files according to internationally recognized disk sanitation standards. Once installed, it provides a simple and familiar alternative to the recycle bin. You can drag and drop files into it, and it shows up in the right-click context menu. When you empty your new 'Zdelete Can', you'll see a list of options that let you securely erase the data according to various standards and methods. If you want, it can also show a report to confirm that the original data was securely deleted. Download the software for free at ...

News Release: Active@ ZDelete is now completely free
Submitted on: July 08, 2020 10:38:08 AM
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