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A Trusted Guideline to Increase Hotel Bookings and Revenue

Most hotel owners resolve to visiting several workshops and monitoring hospitality websites and magazines to learn more about the industry. However, all these take lots of money and time to find reliable sources that have the necessary information or advice. Read on to get a few tips that will help you increase bookings and boost your hotel revenue.

Become Tech-Savvy
Consumers today want the best hotel technologies and hotels can get more bookings by investing in modern technology. Providing technology alone is not sufficient, you need the latest Hotel Technology if you want to entice guests. You can enhance your guest experience by putting yourself in your clients’ shoes and create innovative solutions. The best technologies will not just create goodwill but will also encourage return visits. You can adapt new technologies like using mobile to adjust room temperature, close room blinds, start the coffee machine, or dim the lights.

Invest in your Hotel website
Website design plays a crucial role in the performance of your website. Ensure that your site follows the new rules and trends, especially if it has not been refreshed for long. You must also ensure that your website loads in less than three seconds to avoid losing clients to your competitors. In addition, simple and easy navigation is important if you want to boost revenue. You should also publish new, interesting and relevant content on your blog to attract loyal followers. With the best website, you hotel business will be successful in this hyper-competitive market.

Improve the Socials
With social media, hotel can attract new bookings and even get featured in the posts of their customers. Hotels must invest in social media presence because 73% of millennials check out hotel’s social media feed before making reservations. Interestingly, about 33% of users will call off bookings if the specific hotel does not have a social media page. Furthermore, most travelers today usually share their holiday activities and check-in at various hotels when away from home. Hotels can increase their bookings and revenue by using their social media pages to hold contests, feature customer stories, giveaway prices, advertise new offers or share travel tips.

Keeping up with powerful competitors and ensuring that your business succeeds is not an easy task even for the most experienced hoteliers. You need to think outside the box and become a forerunner for making new offers and using innovative Hotel Technology. You must ensure that your hotel is greatly exposed if you want to increase your booking rates. Even though things will not change overnight, the above-mentioned guidelines will surely steer you in the right direction.

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News Release: A Trusted Guideline to Increase Hotel Bookings and Revenue
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