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9 Tips To Help Your Garden Thrive In The Summer

You don’t have to travel far and wide just to get closer to nature. If you have a garden right outside your home, you can have a private and convenient space where you can relax, grow plants, and improve your well-being in the process. However, Garden maintenance Buckinghamshire in summer can be challenging.

Here are our top tips to help you keep your garden thriving during summertime.

Get to know your garden. Understanding your area’s local climate is important. But, if you ask landscaping Buckinghamshire experts, knowing your garden’s microclimates is just as vital. Where are the shady areas in your garden? In which sections will the morning or afternoon sun’s heat will be directed? This will help you design your garden accordingly.

Choose the right plants. Laying out your plants is one thing, but choosing the right plants is another. Especially if you’re living in an area where the summer heat can be unforgiving, it’s best to plant flowers, shrubs, and trees that can withstand that kind of weather condition.

Get the right shade. Too much sunlight can kill even the most durable plants. The simple solution is to invest in the right shading solutions. For instance, about 70% shade cloth is recommended if you have light-sensitive plants.

Water them correctly and adequately. If you’re maintaining landscaping Buckinghamshire in the summer, one of the most critical tasks on your list is watering. Keep in mind that most plants require about an inch of rain per week. If you're only watering once a week in other months where it rains more often, it has to be more frequent during summertime (about twice a week). But to avoid over-watering, make sure to check your soil’s moisture first.

Mulch, mulch, mulch. You can help keep water in your soil with mulch. Mulch -which can be grass clippings, straw, or inorganic materials like plastic and landscape fabric- helps retain moisture and keep your soil cool. It also helps prevent weeds from dominating your garden.

Watch out for weeds. Weeds compete with your plants for moisture and nutrition. So it’s important to keep on top of them and get rid of them in case they grow in your garden. You can pull a couple of weeds once you notice them. Or, you can also get help from gardening pros to do the more intensive weeding for you.

Fertilise your plants. To facilitate your plants’ optimal growth in the summer, you should also rely on fertilisers. Periodic fertilisation, especially if you’re using organic fertilisers, can invigorate your plants.

Prevent garden pests from eating your plants away. Today, there are many organic repellants and pest control plants that can protect your garden against bugs and other insects. However, be careful not to kill beneficial insects — which prey on pests and even encourage garden growth through pollination.

Always monitor the weather. Are weather reports saying that there will be a more intensive drought this summer? How about summer rains? Keeping abreast of the latest weather updates can help you prepare accordingly.

Let Your Garden Thrive In The Summer

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