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7 Tips To Remember When Renting A Classic Wedding Car

Classic wedding cars Kent are very popular among couples exchanging I dos because they bring a certain elegant mood to the wedding. This all depends on the make of the vehicle. However, you must consider some things before renting a classic wedding car to your wedding in Kent.

Book early

Booking up to 6 months early can help ensure that you get the ideal weddings cars Kent that you want for your wedding. If you book too late, the choices will be limited. You might have to settle for a vehicle that does not suit your theme.

Decide if you want a chauffeur

Do you want to drive the car yourself, or do you want to have a chauffeur drive the two of you to and from the reception? If you and your partner want to look like royals, a Rolls Royce would be perfect for the job. Couples who want to drive their own car could opt for a more campy feel with a Volkswagen.


Think about why you chose the specific classic car that you did. Most of the time, it’s more than just seeing the car as a "favorite". The car might have been popular or released in the same year that you met each other. Some are trying to mimic their favourite movie.

Check the condition

You don’t want anything going amiss on your wedding day. Before choosing any wedding cars Kent, you must check the condition of the car you plan to rent. The machine needs to be in tip-top condition. Reading up on reviews about the service provider and its fleet is helpful. You may want to check up on the vehicle again a day ot two before the wedding, especially if you are booking early.

Replacement terms

It’s ideal for you to choose a reputable service provider with a huge fleet. This way, they can provide you with a replacement car that is just as good, if not better than the one you chose. Look at their replacement terms very well before closing the deal. In an ideal setting, your chosen car would be in perfect condition for your wedding day. However, you must be prepared for everything.

Practice day for graceful entrance and exit

Given that one of you would be in a big gown during the day itself and the classic car you are renting for the wedding is not built like the cars today, you must ask for a practice day with your chosen vehicle. This way, everything would be perfect on the day itself, and you as a couple would look great in photos and videos.

Arm the car with champagne

Unless one of you is driving as you exit the reception, it is customary to have your first toast as a married couple inside the bridal car. Make sure your wedding cars Kent rental has enough space for your organizer to stash a chilled bottle of champagne and two glasses. Practice your toast as well so your photographer can record this moment.

The secret to a smooth-sailing wedding is hiring the best suppliers that you can afford. If you want a reliable fleet, rent one from Molly’s Classic Wedding Cars. They have Jaguars, Rolls Royce, Camper Vans and Morris Minor models for you to choose from.

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