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‘Swiggy’s new campaign is about connecting people

Swiggy's Head of Brand Marketing, Saurabh Nath, spoke with us about the brand's goal of expanding beyond merely being a food-delivery service and effortlessly integrating itself into customers' lives.

Nath also discussed stretching the boundaries with Swiggy's 'Plate Date,' a YouTube property based on the idea that food unites people.

Excerpts from the conversation:

What are your opinions on 'The Plate Date,' and what does the brand want to achieve with the campaign? How do you want to reach out to or connect with the younger generation with the introduction of this latest marketing series?

One of the main goals of 'The Plate Date' was to figure out how to communicate with Gen Zs and millennials. It's becoming increasingly important to communicate with this TG, as one must do so in completely other languages. As a result, the next step was to try to figure out what they were passionate about. As a result, friendships and dating became an integral component of it.

Furthermore, we recognised over time that Swiggy is more than just a meal delivery platform; it is touching people's lives in a variety of ways. As a result, we integrated these two thinking streams and developed content around them. Obviously, the project needs to be formed in a configuration with a category relationship. That's how Swiggy's ' The Plate Date' was born, a YouTube property in which one's food order history and preferences serve as new-age filters for discovering one's ideal match.

Swiggy recently had the entire nation wondering, 'Why Is This A Swiggy Ad?' Can you offer some insights on the just-ended campaign, as well as the level of customer involvement and numbers obtained?

Yes, the campaign performed admirably and really above our expectations. One Gulab Jamun Uncle dressed as an astronaut reached and perplexed almost 30 million people on the internet! If I were to disclose stats, the engagement numbers for 'Why is this a Swiggy Ad?' revealed 5,000+ comments on our IG post and 1,500+ theories on our Twitter post (1K+ replies, 500+ RTs). Over 50,000 hypotheses flooded the internet across networks, including two YT Live streams with over 7,00,000 unique viewers tuning in to figure out #WITASA together. 'Why is this a Swiggy ad?' appeared in the top five Google search suggestions for 'why,' just below 'why is the sky blue?' and above 'why is Diwali celebrated?'The simple answer to the question "Why is this a Swiggy ad?" was that it made you think of the brand for a long time.

What are Swiggy's additional areas of focus, and what is the brand's future strategy in 2023?

We'll concentrate on regional marketing because we've realised that no two cities are alike. On paper, Patna may have the same population as Ahmedabad, but they are two very different cities, and what works in Ahmedabad or Guntur may not work at all in Patna. So, ultimately, we're focusing on how to create category penetration in different cities. Regional marketing will be a huge part of our focus, choosing out and focusing on entire cities and customers in those cities.

Whatever we're doing in terms of marketing or social media, we'll keep doing it. So, the overarching goal is to increase customer involvement through content generation while also speaking directly to Generation Z. We are also working with regional and local influencers.

The third target area is to improve the onboarding experience since, at the end of the day, we are an experienced company, a brand that offers experien ...

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