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“RKFS”- One stop for all your investment and insurance needs!

You have considerable financial wealth and you want to make sure that you preserve what you have managed to accumulate. You also want your portfolio to earn you a reasonable return. By finding the right balance between several factors, the specialists of RKFS help you achieve an optimal compromise between these two objectives.
A spokesperson of the company said “there are several vehicles or products that allow you to grow your assets. But to benefit from the full potential of these solutions, expertise and experience are essential. This in itself is what RKFS offers you.”
From helping you meet your investment needs to ensuring your future with suitable insurance schemes, RKFS stands out of its competitors and offer a wide range of investment and insurance products and services, these include:

• Mutual funds (SIP, ELSS, Low Risk Funds, Children Funds, Retirement Funds, and Balanced Funds)
• Facilitating investment in IPOs
• Help in making investment in Gold in India through SGBs, Gold ETFs, and Gold Funds
• Best stock advisory for Equity and Derivatives trading
• Assistance in Currency and Commodity trading
• Different insurance policies (Life insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, home insurance, and many more)

Foster growth by minimizing risk
The investment philosophy of RKFS is to seek long-term capital growth with minimum risk and volatility. Thanks to the expertise and experience of its professional managers, their approach to asset management offers you a perfectly diversified portfolio that respects your risk tolerance.
Your portfolio is rebalanced periodically so that it always remains in line with your personalized investment policy statement, giving you greater confidence that your strategy will remain optimal over time.
As the financial aspirations and objectives of the clients are as different as each of them, part of RKFS’ job is to find successful firms and partners.
“Wealth management is not limited to portfolio management. Building heritage is more than a question of money. It is also to establish a rigorous and realistic planning of your projects in order to achieve your financial and personal goals”, told the experts of RKFS.
The commitment of this company consists advising you in all aspects concerning your financial assets. Supported by a team of specialists, RKFS provides an integrated response to all your investment needs.
To implement this vision, RKFS adopts a proven process, which combines all aspects of your life cycle.

Whether you want to pay for your children's education, travel during your retirement or undertake any other major project, you are sure to get the best advice possible to optimize the management of your wealth and obtain integrated financial planning with insurance protection services.
For years, what has fuelled the success of the RKFS’ team has been a client-centred philosophy, combined with a real desire to be the trusted partner when it comes to managing their clients’ investments.
The attentive listening and the sense of analysis of professionals working at RKFS allow them to target the real needs of their customers and establish a winning strategy for them. The diverse experience of RKFS’ team members gives the firm a multidisciplinary and competitive approach.
What more could you ask for when you have an all-rounder company working for you? In today’s global and developing world, it has become necessary that we all should not only save but invest our savings in the right investment instruments like turning to invest in mutual funds India online and Insurance plans.
So, why not approach an expert, like the team of RKFS, to carry out this hectic and complicated w ...

News Release: “RKFS”- One stop for all your investment and insurance needs!
Submitted on: September 25, 2021 04:49:54 AM
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