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How is Increasing Need for Energy Efficiency Driving Pad-Mounted Transformer Market?

One of the major topics of discussions and concerns these days is energy efficiency, the need for which has growth considerably in the past few years. The increasing use of traditional sources, particularly fossil fuels, for generating energy has resulted in the degradation of the environment. Because of this, governments all across the globe are focusing on solutions that will aid in the efficient utilization of power. In addition to this, owing to the surging population, the need for energy for different purposes is growing as well. Therefore, there is a pressing need for finding ways that can provide adequate supply of power to people without causing harm to the environment.

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Because of this, the adoption of pad-mounted transformers is increasing. Power goes through transformers before reaching the end point, and the utilization of proper transformers can aid in reducing energy loss during the supply of power from the grid to end points. A pad-mounted transformer is a utility distribution transformer that is mounted on the ground and is generally housed in a locked metal cabinet, situated on a small concrete pad. These transformers are typically located in residential subdivisions and are connected to underground utility distribution lines at a “service drop” for stepping down the primary voltage on utility distribution line for lowering secondary voltage that is supplied to the consumer.

The pad-mounted transformer market is projected to progress at a substantial pace in the years to come. In terms of insulation, there are two types of pad-mounted transformers, namely liquid insulation and dry insulation. As liquid-filled transformers are more efficient and have longer life expectancy than dry insulated transformers, their demand was the highest in the past. in addition to this, liquid is more efficient as a cooling medium and can effectively reduce hot spot temperatures in coils and liquid-filled units have better overload capability.

Among industrial, residential, and commercial applications, the demand for pad-mounted transformers was considerably high for industrial and commercial utilization. This is attributed to the swift industrialization in emerging economies and increasing commercial construction activities. Geographically, Asia-Pacific has emerged as a major pad-mounted transformer market in the recent years, as the countries including India and China are registering demand for these transformers for providing electricity to rural ar ...

News Release: How is Increasing Need for Energy Efficiency Driving Pad-Mounted Transformer Market?
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